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Structural Formed Concrete

Structural Formed Concrete Services in Metro Detroit

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Experience and Precision in Concrete

When building the majority of your structure from concrete, the margin of error is razor thin. Everything from timber framing to windows, electrical wiring to plumbing, depends on structural formed concrete being poured correctly the first time around and with as few oversights as possible. When the success or failure of your build depends on the utmost expertise, trust Amalio for your structural formed concrete. 

At Amalio, our company has worked with concrete since 1976. Concrete is what our company is built on, which is why we pride ourselves on our expertise with the material, earned over the last 5 decades. As a result, we know the many ways concrete jobs can stray, fall short, or go wrong. We’ve developed a level of understanding that allows us to work with concrete in any application, including structurally formed projects.

Experience Matters

Unlike timber frames or other easily manipulated materials, concrete isn’t easily altered after the fact. Concrete’s strengths (durability, versatility, beauty) can also make it difficult to work with after the fact. That’s why when you choose to build with structurally formed concrete, you need a team of diehard experts who know what they’re doing from the word “go.” 

At Amalio Corp., we have the expertise of nearly half a century to rely on when pouring your structurally formed concrete. From scaffolding to floor formation, reinforcement to smaller structurally formed features, there are dozens of opportunities for things to go wrong. Expertise and experience truly matter when money, time, and project completion are on the line. So trust Amalio’s dedication over the last half century when it comes time to hire for your next build.

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Past Projects

Structurally formed concrete poses challenges, but it also poses opportunities for innovation, precision, and a deep sense of accomplishment. At Amalio, we’ve watched and been a part of Detroit’s rising skyline since the Ford administration. Appropriately, we’ve been part of numerous, challenging projects down the years, using structurally formed concrete for a number of difficult purposes, including:

  • Hospital radiation vaults
  • Structurally formed parking decks
  • Upscale student Housing

Walls, floors, vaults—anything can be made out of structurally formed concrete if the contractor is as experienced and knowledgeable as Amalio Corp. Trust the range of our expertise for your upcoming project and watch us get to work!

Local Knowledge, Local Expertise

Gravity, leaks, pressure, and so much more can cause a structurally formed concrete job to go wrong quickly. Concrete isn’t easily undone, which is why you need experienced professionals for your job rather than 2nd- or 3rd-timers. At Amalio, we’ve got concrete in the blood, so let us shepherd your structurally formed concrete job to completion. 

Proudly building structures out of concrete in Metro Detroit, Wayne & Oakland Counties, as well as Ann Arbor, Lansing, and the Grand Rapids area, we also enjoy helping out our midwestern neighbors in Northern Ohio and Indiana. Contact us today to find out how we keep our structurally formed concrete jobs swimming smoothly toward completion.

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