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Sitework & Paving

Concrete Sitework & Paving in Metro Detroit

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Concrete Services with a Civilized Touch

Concrete is a versatile material as ideal for above-ground features as it is for foundations, slabs, and walls. Sitework and paving can quickly elevate a jobsite into a sophisticated office park or polished center of commerce in an upscale, urban neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for traffic control features, bike racks, curbs, bumpers, benches, raised beds, or just some excellent paving work, Amalio Corp. has the experience and talent to add that extra finish.

Our company name and reputation rides on the quality of our finishing touches. We delight in sitework and paving opportunities in the same way a painter leaps at the opportunity to produce a mural or other public piece of art. Concrete is our medium, and your site (beyond the foundations and walls) is our canvas.

Let us put those finishing touches on your project!

Experience Matters For Concert Contractors

Sitework and paving features aren’t just tacked on after the fact. These extra touches produce flow around your structure, inform the way pedestrians interact with your space, and even provide long-lasting function and aesthetic qualities with benches and raised beds. For beauty, functionality, and that concrete cherry on top, trust Amalio Corp.

We’ve been thrilled to create sitework and paving features for dozens of previous clients, including the great work done for:

  • UAW Solidarity House - Detroit, MI
  • Sugar Hill Mixed-Use Area - Detroit, MI
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Building - Detroit, MI
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The FBI Building in metro Detroit photo

Past Projects in Concrete Construction

FBI Building - Downtown Detroit, MI

Government projects always come with unique parameters that inform design. The FBI Building in metro Detroit was an especially bold project, requiring numerous forms of sitework and paving. 

Amalio also had to take security measures into account when completing sitework for the FBI building in metro Detroit. We accommodated specialized security features from niche manufacturers throughout the pouring process and paid special attention to traffic control measures designed with a mix of steel and concrete. 

What resulted is a beautiful, functional space that hides certain security features while incorporating others into the concrete itself—a point of extreme pride for our family here at Amalio Corp.

Local Knowledge, Local Expertise

If it can be made from concrete, we can incorporate it into the sitework and paving touches at your jobsite. For security, functional, and aesthetic purposes, we can design and pour concrete to whatever ends you require on your jobsite.

Proudly providing sitework and paving in Metro Detroit, Wayne & Oakland Counties, as well as Ann Arbor, Lansing, and the Grand Rapids area, we also enjoy helping out our midwestern neighbors in Northern Ohio and Indiana. Contact us today to find out how we can give your project that special concrete touch!

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