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Elevated Slab on Metal Deck

Elevated Slabs on Metal Decks in Metro Detroit

Elevated Slabs on Metal Decks | Metro Detroit | Amalio Corp - huron1

Story after Story of Elevated Slabs

From five-story apartment buildings to the tallest structures on Earth, elevated slabs on a metal deck stack up to make our modern skylines. But working at heights and to demanding schedules poses numerous challenges that only the most experienced concrete contractors are prepared to tackle. When your job absolutely depends on story after story going up with predictable rhythm and virtually no problems, you need someone with the experience of Amalio Corp. on your side.

Since 1976, Amalio Corp. has helped some of the tallest structures in metro Detroit take shape along our skyline. We’ve been a part of Detroit’s rise for the last 50 years, and we’re ready to help the next 50 years take shape. Whether you’re building below ground (parking structures), above ground (mixed-use residential/commercial, office towers), or both, we’re here to help with our half-century’s worth of experience.

Experience Matters

Pouring concrete at ground level and to demanding specifications can be difficult enough. But elevated concrete slabs on a metal deck aren’t for the faint of heart. When one story depends on the previous story being completed, project managers need reliable contractors to do what they do best—finish the job. 

At Amalio, we’re as familiar with 14 story high rises as we are with underground parking structures. We’ve poured or precast concrete for everything from mixed-use retail/residential spaces to high-end student housing and government buildings. Thanks to our years of experience working as a family for clients from all walks of life, we know what it takes to complete an elevated slab project on time and with as few issues as humanly possible.

Elevated Slabs on Metal Decks | Metro Detroit | Amalio Corp - huron2
Elevated Slabs on Metal Decks | Metro Detroit | Amalio Corp - 9041B6C7-DA43-4DCB-94CE-893AFC35A946_1_105_c

Past Projects

In Michigan, and especially in Detroit, we like to build our structures deep and high. Depending on what each elevated slab needs, we’ll recommend a strategy of attack purpose-built to keep the slabs stacking higher and higher with as few snags as possible. 

Our past clients have included numerous local landmarks, including:

  • Ann Arbor City Apartments - Ann Arbor, MI
  • Foundry Lofts @ 413 E. Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI
  • GM Renaissance Center - Detroit, MI

42 Degrees North - Detroit, MI

Perhaps one of the most challenging jobs was helping with the slab underneath the GM Renaissance Center’s spinning restaurant, 42 Degrees North, right here in Detroit, MI. Building elevated slabs can be challenging enough, but designing them with locomotion in mind is another feat entirely. 

As proud Michiganders, any opportunity to innovate and put Detroit that much more on the map is our utmost pleasure. Amalio Corp. loves a challenge, and the rotating restaurant at the top of the GM Renaissance Center was certainly a feather in our cap.

Local Knowledge, Local Expertise

It takes knowledge and expert craftsmen to keep elevated slab work from holding up a project, compromising a schedule, or causing problems otherwise. That’s why at Amalio Corp., we’ve put our nearly half-century’s worth of experience to work on elevated slabs of all kinds, including those that can move with a restaurant on top!

Proudly providing elevated slabs on metal decks in Serving Metro Detroit, Wayne & Oakland Counties, as well as Ann Arbor, Lansing, and the Grand Rapids area, we also enjoy helping out our midwestern neighbors in Northern Ohio and Indiana. Contact us today to find out how we can give your project the consistent reliability it needs to take shape on the skyline.

Elevated Slabs on Metal Decks | Metro Detroit | Amalio Corp - huron4